Example Student Work from the AMT MSc

Students on the MSc in Acoustics and Music Technology (AMT MSc) program undertake compulsory project work as part of their degree. The main project comes in the summer period, and is known as the ‘Final Project‘. This is assessed by combined presentation/dissertation.room

Students also have the opportunity to choose to do an additional, shorter project, known as a ‘Special Project’, during either of the main University semesters. This project sometimes leads towards the topic of the Final Project, but this is not required by any means.

We present here a number of recent project titles, for both Final Projects and Special Projects, as undertaken by AMT MSc students.

Final Projects

Special Projects

  • An Introduction to Digital Filters and an Implementation of the Moog Low Pass VCF
  • An Investigation into the Application of the Least Squares Method in Creating the Polar Pickup Patterns of Virtual Microphone Receivers
  • From Matlab to Logic Pro: A Realtime Karplus-Strong Synthesiser
  • An Initial Study into the Acoustics of the Serpent
  • Acoustic Study of the Reid Concert Hall
  • Comparison of Predicted and Measured Reverberation Times in Spaces
  • Guitar Sample Multi-Effects Unit