Major new collaborative funding grant and PhD position at the Acoustics and Audio Group, Edinburgh

We have just had word that a major pan-European funding grant, involving the Acoustics and Audio Group, has been approved. The grant is for an Initial Training Network, and includes many major European research centres with specialisations in acoustics teaching and research. The title of the project is Basic Acoustics Training – & Workprogram On Methodologies for Acoustics – Network (BATWOMAN). Quite a name..

Here in Edinburgh we will have a PhD position relating to this grant, to be undertaken in the area of experimental brass instrument research, available in the near future. Please watch this space for the forthcoming job advert (subscribe to the news feed here).

Other institutions involved include: The University of Edinburgh (UK), ENSTA ParisTech (France), The University of Eindhoven (Netherlands), The University of Vienna (Austria), The University of Detmold (Germany) and The University of Leuven (Belgium). Postgrad and postdoc places associated with the project will have the opportunity to travel to partner institutions for study and experience.