Courses, Projects and Options on the AMT MSc Programme

tymThe MSc in Acoustics and Music Technology (AMT MSc) consists of a number of Core and Optional (elective) courses spread over the autumn (Semester 1) and spring (Semester 2) University semesters (click here for the University’s semester dates). A final research project, carried out during the summer period, completes the MSc programme. Detailed information about the current list of course and programme content can be found on the relevant Degree Program Table for the AMT MSc. A summary is also provided below, on this page.

The degree of MSc in Acoustics and Music Technology requires the completion of 180 credits of work at the appropriate academic level (see below). Each course or project you undertake is worth a number of credits (usually 10 or 20), which over the full year must add up to that total.

A summary of the various Core and Option courses is provided below, with the brackets indicating the University’s DRPS code (this uniquely identifies the course). Note that a number of the Option (elective) courses are associated with the MSc in Sound Design (DRPS page here), which is based in the School of Architecture.

P1140176You may choose any workable combination of Option (elective) courses. You may also choose,
at the discretion of the programme director, any suitable course not listed on the DPT, provided it is at the appropriate academic level, and that the relevant course organiser is agreeable. Have a look through the various Science and Engineering courses available via the School of Engineering, or the School of Maths, for example.

Questions and enquiries about the program should be directed to the programme director, Dr Michael Newton.

Core courses (60 credits in total)

Core final project (60 credits)

Option (elective) courses (60 credits to be chosen)

Creative and Music Technology Related Courses

Technical & Mathematically Inclined Courses