Facilities for students on the AMT MSc programme

Throughout the programme, students will have access to the extensive technical facilities in the King’s Buildings science complex, including computer suites (running Matlab, amongst other software), anechoic and reverberant rooms, and numerous research laboratories. Studio and recording spaces in the King’s Buildings, at Edinburgh College of Art and within the Reid School of Music are also available.

cymbalThe Acoustics and Audio Group’s facilities in the Kings Buildings are extremely well equipped with hardware useful in AMT MSc project and course work. This includes:

This equipment is further supplemented by a wide range of analog and digital recording equipment available via the Reid School of Music. This includes high quality microphones (various Neuman mics, for example), portable audio interfaces, loudspeakers and more.


In addition to the wide range of technical and academic facilities encountered on the AMT programme, a regular seminar series, the MusICA Seminars, provides students and other academics from across the university with the latest research in music informatics, cognition and acoustics. Our MSc students are strongly encouraged to attend. Have a look at the YouTube channel for a taster.