Welcome to the Acoustics & Audio Group

The Acoustics and Audio Group (AAG) at the University of Edinburgh is a longstanding research group devoted to the science, and technology, and art of sound. Most of our 13 staff are based in the Reid School of Music at Edinburgh College of Art, but we have members from across the University. See our People page for a full profile of the Group.


We research across three principal interlinked areas:

Acoustics: Physical and computational acoustics, room and architectural acoustics, hearing sciences and transducer design, and musical acoustics

Audio Signal Processing: Digital audio signal processing, spatial audio processing, and audio machine learning

Music Technology: Musical sound synthesis and instrument control, virtual analog effect modelling, and audio programming for real-time applications

We have a long record of funded research projects, publish frequently in peer-reviewed journals and at international conferences, and have many international collaborative partners.


In addition, our group teaches two degree programmes that are highly scientific and technological, but which intersect with music and music technology:

MSc in Acoustics and Music Technology

BSc in Acoustics and Music Technology

We teach a range of postgraduate and undergraduate courses to support these two programmes. Most of these courses are also available to students from across the wider University.

We are also very closely linked to our colleagues in Sound Design in the Reid School of Music, who run the related:

MSc in Sound Design


If you are a prospective PhD student, or are interested in joining the group as a postdoctoral researcher, see the Opportunities page.

Seminar series: MusICA

A regular seminar series is jointly hosted by theĀ Acoustics and Audio Group and the School of Informatics. There is a website for the series, including a video archive of past seminars, located here.