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Two Big Ears: AMT alumnus’ start-up company continues to impress

2bigIn 2012, soon after graduation, one of our AMT MSc alumni, Abesh, founded a start-up company doing binaural sound simulation. Working with a friend and Edinburgh Sound Design alumnus, they formed Two Big Ears, and are doing really cool things with binaural sound. Applications include gaming, home entertainment and more.

We have now recently heard that a 2013/14 AMT alumnus has also joined the team, which is just amazing to hear.

Abesh wrote an insightful feedback profile for the AMT programme, which is over on our alumni feedback page. Go and see for yourself what Abesh gained from the programme.

Attention all overseas students: the AMT MSc programme could be for you!

We recently came across a lovely write up of our MSc in Acoustics and Music Tech programme from a former student. Vignesh came over from India to enrol a couple of years ago, and wrote a great piece for The Hindu newspaper, back home in India.

Read the piece here.

Vignesh comments that:

“The University of Edinburgh is simply amazing. I would say it is one of the best places in the world — where one can be in the midst of academic vigour and intelligence. Everyone who got a chance to be here, went out with something useful, something new that they would remember for life. As I had signed up for a programme in Acoustic and Music Technology I knew there was a lot to learn and that I would enjoy my experience. The classes were interesting with a mixture of assignments, seminars, workshops and so on. One year just flew by.”

This is just another example of the great feedback we get from our student alumni, a bunch of which is located on the dedicated alumni feedback page.

If you are interested in enrolling on the programme, just get in touch!