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TwoBigEars, start-up company run by AMT graduates, joins Facebook

Back in 2012 a newly graduated MSc Acoustics and Music Technology student, Abesh Thakur, joined forces with Varun Nair, a recent graduate of the MSc Sound Design programme, and formed TwoBigEars. Their idea was to commercialise the real-time binaural spatialisation work that Abesh had conducted during his final project studies on the AMT MSc degree programme.

CjJJfW5VAAIDwevToday, TwoBigEars have been acquired by Facebook, and are due a massive congratulations from all of us here at the University of Edinburgh, and in particular from within the Acoustics and Audio Group, the Reid School of Music, and ECA.

Initially their startup was supported by the University of Edinburgh’s Launch.Ed scheme, and was hosted and supported by members of the Acoustics and Audio Group. Indeed, they have been mentioned numerous times in these pages, such as here, and here.


TwoBigEars went on to hire two further recent graduates of the AMT MSc programme (taking them to a 75% AMT MSc core membership!), and have been doing some terrific work in finding practical ways to implement spatial/binaural audio for real time and offline applications, including music videos, computer games and more.

We wish them well, and look forward to seeing what they’ll do with spatial audio under such a powerful banner.

Update 1: Already lots of press starting to get wind of this!

AAG researchers feature at pan-European Explorathon day

Researchers at in the Acoustics and Audio Group at Edinburgh featured some of the work at the pan-European Explorathon day on Friday Sept 25th, which has been done thanks to the funding from the People Programme (Marie Curie Actions) of the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007-2013/ un- der REA grant agreement No. 605867 supporting the BATWOMAN ITN Project.


bw3The Early stage researcher Amaya López-Carromero, part of the BATWOMAN project, demonstrated techniques used to capture shock wave patterns in front of brass instruments using high speed photography (see video below) in the acoustic laboratory of the University of Edinburgh. The event was advertised across Scotland via the Explorathon website.


Meanwhile, in Cromarty up in the north of Scotland, Prof Clive Greated described and demonstrated a number of optical technique used for sound measurement, which have been developed at Edinburgh. A demonstration of binaural recording techniques also featured in the event.

Demo of Binaural Cromarty

Acoustics & fluid mechanics demo videos

We have recently added a new playlist to our AAG YouTube channel. It’s for cool demonstration videos of acoustics and fluid mechanics in action. The first video is now up, and involves high speed footage of water spouts being generated in the new FloWave wave tank facility at the University of Edinburgh. Filmed and edited by Prof Clive Greated of the Acoustics and Audio Group. The playlist is embedded below.

Postdoc position in the AAG: cochlear-inspired microphone tech

We’re pleased to announce a new vacancy in the Acoustics and Audio Group. It is for a Postdoctoral researcher, as part of a new EPSRC-funded project in the area of acoustic transducer technology. The position is for 2 years.

The project is a collaboration between the Acoustics and Audio Group and the Scottish Microelectronics Centre/Institute for Integrated Micro and Nano Systems (part of the School of Engineering).

The vacancy is posted here:

The advert closes on 24th July 2015.

You are welcome to contact Dr Michael Newton if you have questions about the job.

Sound synthesis talk this Thursday 14/05/2015, 6.30pm

The AAG‘s Dr Stefan Bilbao and colleagues will present a lecture on the NeSS Project this Thursday, 14th May, at 6.30pm in the Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh. It’s hosted by the AES, and promises to be full of audio and video examples. Please come along and see the output of some of AAG’s ongoing research.

Further details here:

Best paper prize for Bilbao & Torin at Dafx 2014

The Next Generation and Sound Synthesis (NESS) project team, part of the Acoustics and Audio Group, have won the best paper award at the 17th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects, in Erlangen, Germany.  Stefan Bilbao and Alberto Torin’s paper was entitled ‘Numerical Simulation of String/Barrier Collisions: The Fretboard’.

The paper is concerned with fine-grained modeling of guitar strings, including the effects of collision of the strings with the fretboard, and fingers, leading to a realistic synthesis algorithm.

NESS is an exploratory five-year project funded through the Computer Science panel of the European Research Council. They are a group of eight engineers and numerical methods specialists, based in the Acoustics and Audio Group and the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre at the University of Edinburgh.