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AAG researchers feature at pan-European Explorathon day

Researchers at in the Acoustics and Audio Group at Edinburgh featured some of the work at the pan-European Explorathon day on Friday Sept 25th, which has been done thanks to the funding from the People Programme (Marie Curie Actions) of the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007-2013/ un- der REA grant agreement No. 605867 supporting the BATWOMAN ITN Project.


bw3The Early stage researcher Amaya López-Carromero, part of the BATWOMAN project, demonstrated techniques used to capture shock wave patterns in front of brass instruments using high speed photography (see video below) in the acoustic laboratory of the University of Edinburgh. The event was advertised across Scotland via the Explorathon website.


Meanwhile, in Cromarty up in the north of Scotland, Prof Clive Greated described and demonstrated a number of optical technique used for sound measurement, which have been developed at Edinburgh. A demonstration of binaural recording techniques also featured in the event.

Demo of Binaural Cromarty

Sound synthesis talk this Thursday 14/05/2015, 6.30pm

The AAG‘s Dr Stefan Bilbao and colleagues will present a lecture on the NeSS Project this Thursday, 14th May, at 6.30pm in the Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh. It’s hosted by the AES, and promises to be full of audio and video examples. Please come along and see the output of some of AAG’s ongoing research.

Further details here:

AAG’s Dr Jenny Nex on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme

There was a really nice piece this morning on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, (go to around 52mins and 30s) about historic musical instruments. It included some expert contributions from Dr Jenny Nex, who is the Curator of the Musical Instrument Collections at the University of Edinburgh. Dr Nex is also a part of the Acoustics and Audio Group.

Details and links are also on our Twitter feed.

Attention all overseas students: the AMT MSc programme could be for you!

We recently came across a lovely write up of our MSc in Acoustics and Music Tech programme from a former student. Vignesh came over from India to enrol a couple of years ago, and wrote a great piece for The Hindu newspaper, back home in India.

Read the piece here.

Vignesh comments that:

“The University of Edinburgh is simply amazing. I would say it is one of the best places in the world — where one can be in the midst of academic vigour and intelligence. Everyone who got a chance to be here, went out with something useful, something new that they would remember for life. As I had signed up for a programme in Acoustic and Music Technology I knew there was a lot to learn and that I would enjoy my experience. The classes were interesting with a mixture of assignments, seminars, workshops and so on. One year just flew by.”

This is just another example of the great feedback we get from our student alumni, a bunch of which is located on the dedicated alumni feedback page.

If you are interested in enrolling on the programme, just get in touch!