MSc Acoustics & Music Tech Final Projects, summer 2016

This year has seen the largest ever cohort of students on our MSc Acoustics and Music Technology programme. These students are now approaching the end of their Final Project period, during which they have been undertaking a long term research project, over 4 months.

Tomorrow  we see all these students in full on ‘Presentation’ mode, as they describe their work to a public audience. It’s an exciting moment of the year, and we wish them all the best of luck.

To give you a flavour of the diverse range of work undertaken this year, here is a list of this year’s Final Project titles:

  • Simulation of Absorbing Boundaries in 3D Room Acoustics using Finite Difference Methods
  • Real-time 3D Audio Synthesis: Analytical Approximations of the Spherical Transfer Function
  • The effect of noise on accurate telemonitoring of Parkinson’s Disease Severity
  • Ambisonic sound field manipulation: Binaural Decoder
  • Testing perceptual artefacts in FDTD room acoustic simulation
  • Cross Talk Cancellation for 3D Auditory Display
  • Bass Guitar String Synthesis
  • Designing a portable low-cost system for the detection of otoacoustic emissions
  • Auralizing virtual spaces: does simulation method matter?
  • Physical Modeling of the Moog Analog Voltage Controlled Filter
  • Replicating Fast Estimation of Speech Transmission Index using Reverberation Time
  • Novel approaches to percussion synthesis: Experimenting with physical modeling and phase/wave shaping methods for percussive timbres

It is a remarkably diverse range of interesting work, and indeed it has been a pleasure to see the projects develop over these past months. Congratulations to all our students for making it to this stage, and for your hard work and dedication during your studies here.